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It gives all of us at WRITERS’ INK immense pleasure to bang the drum, blow the whistle and introduce our brand-new, bouncing off-shoot, the INK SPOT NEWSLETTER. The excitement’s been mounting ‘back-stage’ and we can now release the balloons and streamers and have a metaphorical, jolly, on-line WORD FIESTA. OLE!

Before we get down to business, I must introduce ‘the gang.’

Ian Turney is our lynch-pin and does the lion’s share of the online work. Without him, we would – to be frank and to, tut, use a cliché – be in a pickle! But there’s far more to Ian than being our ‘front man’ as will be revealed later.

Gerry Wright is another stalwart member and ‘keeper of the purse.’ In other words, our Chancellor of the Exchequer. (We just ‘know’ he won’t pop off to Benidorm with the loot…) Gerry is also a prolific, published author and has a penchant for cowboy stories.

Next comes our worthy Secretary with the gavel…Maggie Hegarty: She who shall be obeyed…(exaggerated, but she keeps us rabble in order.) . Please note here that, whenever needed.

Nigel Grundey, another ‘keen, prolific writer with a mission’ steps into the breach and also does a grand job.

Joy Lennick is Chairwoman. She chatters a lot, writes a lot and encourages other members to write more and get published. She also writes a weekly column for Writers’ Ink in the Costa Blanca Newspaper.

Member Darlene Foster, is – as far as is known – our only Children’s Writer. She is an award winning author of a popular, excellent series of books about a little girl: Amanda, who travels around the world and has some interesting, sometimes amazing adventures and experiences. Another highly regarded member of our group is Drummond Marvin, a respected and brilliant writer of both short stories and plays.

Our hard-working publisher: Janette Davies has been left until last as she is the last port of call before most of our work sees the light of day…Janette has also written and published several books and has had many, ‘quirky’… short stories included in WordPlay and Writers’ Ink anthologies. We salute her knowledge of the mysteries of technology

Of course, all our members are vital to our very ‘being’ and all ages are welcome to join. Both young, and older…are equally important in that the young bring in a breath of Spring air and a touch of modernity, and the older bring more knowledge and experience, all vital for continued progress.. So, without more ado, as is said, let the words speak for themselves.

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