A few words on punctuation.

A few words on punctuation.

‘Let’s eat Grandma!’ would not be appreciated by your grandmother, would it? (Although it could be said by a cannibal…)

‘Let’s eat, Grandma!’ is much better for her blood pressure.

And look how the use of commas alters the following: ‘A woman, without her man, is nothing!’ (Written by a man.)

Better, surely: ‘A woman, without her, man is nothing!’ (Written by a woman.)  Also…

You’re certainly not paying attention to your writing when you state: ‘My friend Kay told me that she and her fiancé enjoy making love over the garden fence.’ (Really!) Another ticklish one:

‘He was a small inn-keeper.’ (how small? Two foot?)  I made that mistake when writing about hotel keeping. I said ‘I am a small hotel keeper.’ Two pedants picked that up. The thing is I really am only five feet tall… Most people are now familiar with the panda who: ‘Eats shoot and leaves.’ But you must agree it is less violent than writing: ‘Panda eats, shoots and leaves…’