Fifty Word Stories



Fancy a coffee?

The chap had wood chips in his hair.

Do I know you?

Yes, well sort of. I see your red shoes going past every day. My workshop’s in the basement.

I smiled and looked down at the red shoes I had bought half an hour ago.



‘He was wheeled unconscious into the ether-pervading theatre. Everything was ready. The surgeon consulted his notes, then carefully amputated the patient’s right leg. It was an easy mistake to make. Right leg facing, but patient’s left. Correct patient, wrong leg. ‘Nobody’s fault,’ they said ‘It could happen to anyone!’

Jean Wilson (Ex nurse…once known as ‘The Angel of Aldgate’ for her sterling work in the East End of London. She is also a trained psychiatrist and worked with disadvantaged children and adults. Her book by that title is available from Amazon and Kindle.) She collaborated with author Joy Lennick and they co-wrote a book of alluring, varied short stories: Where Angels and Devils Tread. (Amazon/Kindle.)


‘Geoffrey! Long time no see old boy…

How are you? Seen anything of Lionel?’

‘Those were the days, eh? America, you say?’

‘Haven’t heard in ages. Last time he wrote he was off

to have dinner with someone he’d just met.

Hannibal Lector he said his name was. Unusual that!’

(Topical at the time it was written.)



‘You know Kite Runner’? the Afghan salesman asked.

‘Yes,’ I ignored him, ‘How much?’ indicating amethyst earrings. He opened his lacerated hands. Ashamed, I looked at him. ‘I loved the book!’ His hand on his heart.’I have more stories. Will you write them? ‘ ‘A thousand times.’ ‘Tashakor.’ He smiled.

With thanks to Rohini (The book ‘The Kite Runner’ – excellent read – was written by Khaled Husseini)

Rohini Sunderam writes beautiful/amusing poetry and short stories and won a competition (a book: My Gentle War a memoir) for the above.