What Punctuation mark are you?

What Punctuation mark are you?

What are you?

A common comma, always hesitating or pausing for effect?

A colon, the host: always ready to introduce someone or something…

A semi-colon; anxious to change the subject and press on; impatient? Excitable?

Inverted commas – dramatic, needing to be the centre of attraction/attention/passionate?

An exclamation mark: Curious about everything/eager for experience, to learn…

Does it matter?

We none of us want to be a full stop, do we?


I am a mad word ’junkie’ –

I shoot-up every day:

Esoteric, scrumptious, discombobulated – hey!’:

Tenacious, sultry, temptress, equilibrium – wow!

Antiquated, archaic, ancient – holy cow!

I’m on a roll – how can I make it stop?

Maybe – I’ve had a brainstorm – I’ll start a ‘Word-Sale-Shop!’


Five unusual words for you:

BAVIAN                  –       Unskilled poet, insignificant (not allowed here…)

BIBBLE                    –      To eat or drink noisily

PAUCILOQUENT   –      Utter few words or speak briefly.

BIBACIOUS            –       Fond of drinking

BLETHERSKATE    –       Garrulous talker of nonsense