A WRITER’S LIFE by Janette Davies

Of course, we all know a writer’s life is one of sheer delight. From waking to freshly brewed coffee and probably croissants or a little scrambled egg, breakfast is followed by two or three hours of composing the next best seller.

Some may prefer to use the morning for catching up with fan mail or social media and leave the serious writing until after a light lunch – possibly a bowl of home-made soup with delicious fresh baked crusty bread. Continuing to write into the late afternoon and completing the day’s mission with a glass or two of vino

We all have own way of finding the best way of working.

Sometimes, we or our partner may be a bit off colour, the dog may appear to be a bit “peaky”, or we may be having some small alteration to the house.

Unfortunately, these minor irritations can develop into larger or more serious interruptions, as I can testify.

Last week, both my husband and I had a cough. Mine cleared up after a couple of days, but Colin’s persisted until late one night his breathing was so bad, we ended up at the Urgencias in Albox. After a thorough examination and questions galore, he was declared “very ill” and taken to Hospital in Huercal Overa. I didn’t go with him as we have a dog, and were due to have builders fitting a new shower and sink in the bathroom first thing the next morning.

The doctor was due to make his round the next morning around the time the builders turned up. All good news – Colin had severe bronchitis but was discharged with new medication and brought home by ambulance. The builder made a great job of tiling the shower area and the new shower tray was pristine. We only wanted the sink setting flush with the wall, so this didn’t take long.

Problems came when the plumber turned on the water in the sink – instead of going straight down the plughole and into the septic tank, disgusting slime came up the new shower! I won’t bore you, dear readers, with all the gory details, but up came the bathroom floor to reveal that there were no pipes taking the water from the sink or the shower to the tank. The shower and sink outlets had originally just been put into the floor under the tiles so, for the last ten months, and probably a lot longer, the water had just been going under the floor. I have to say, our builder was brilliant – he was straight round, with an assistant to get it all sorted. We went from “big problemas” to “no problemas” in about three hours. Thank goodness, we had had the toilet looked at when we moved in and know that was doing things properly.

Did I mention the dog? That night our dear little Zeus decided to throw up and have the trots under the dining table – think he got himself ‘all in a tizz’ with all the day’s excitement. He seems to have recovered now.

The plumber is fitting the new shower screen next week, so hopefully the bathroom, and all related problems, will be finished.

Some days you just can’t seem to get any writing done!

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