Flash story

 By: Ali Fathy

Unintentionally, quickly and pointlessly he was glancing to the sky. Suddenly he felt a great joy that made him dance with ecstasy like a drunk. He saw her. Yes! It is her: The golden cloud. The cloud for which he has been waiting for a long time, and which rains only gold….

He ran quickly to remove the frond-made ceiling of his house. Doing so, he was receiving all kinds of irony without any feel of insult. No problem! his life will be full of gold soon and he will get his dreams of richness realized…

The cloud continued to go forward, it surpassed his house without raining. But he has not despaired. He continued to follow her, keeping his head pointed up and his eyes sharply opened to the sky. He was running with passion, spreading his wide robe in front of him …

She continued to go…directing to the canal. Although he cannot swim, he took the risk by throwing himself into the canal. Everyone who saw him became confident that he is trying to commit suicide. But in a marvelous way, he learned to swim at that particular moment, he does not know how. Finally, he reached the other side of the canal. He continued to follow her, with his shabby and wet clothes, without giving any attention to the sun which began to recover its rays and go down, nor to the mass of children who gathered behind him. They were clapping with fun, pointing at him and saying: “Crazy…. Crazy..…!”