Flying Sheep

Flying Sheep

Some things you see are surreal
and you can’t quite believe that they’re real…
In Rhondda a drama, quite rare,
a sheep flying high in the air?!

They predicted that soon it would rain
but what befell was clearly insane…
A shepherd was on terra firma;
a sheep grazing high on a roof (?)
When over it went
with downward intent
and it struck him a blow with it’s hoof.

The man lived to tell of the tale,
but poor Mary, oh me, and oh my…
she’s a poor, deceased lamb –
oh how saddened I am
and she’s now with her flock in the sky.

True story.

(Some bright spark thought it a good idea to grass the top of a building and let a few sheep graze there, but forgot to fence them in…)                                                                                                                                             Joy Lennick