Happiness rides a wave that kisses the shore,
can tease, titillate,  promise much more.
It can arrive unexpected,
surprise and bless you,
can caress, enfold, and fully arrest you.

Happiness can appear on a gossamer wing,
can perplex and delight you –
or, full-throated, sing!
It can tickle, take over,
fill you with joy, invade every corner,
be blatant or coy.

If it arrives – don’t send it away
coax and caress it – persuade it to stay.
It can come in all colours,
and manner of shapes,
can be earth-bound,
be spell-bound –
invite it to play.  

So sad that those people
who inhabit our land,
who dole out destruction
and don’t understand
that mankind will wither, unless
they harness love, hope and harmony;
court happiness.

Joy Lennick