A Time to Live – Not To Die

A Time to Live – Not To Die

The snow falls softly as it covers the ground,
No people, no cars, not even a sound.
As I sit here in darkness, thoughts drift to last year,
To a time full of sadness, a time full of fear.
To a time when my child should be happy and gay,
To a time full of life, with so much to say.

Instead, death’s dark shadow lay thick on her face,
No happiness, no hope, in the whole human race.
And the questions, with no answers, torment my soul,
No understanding, no reasoning, just the dark deepest hole.
Why did it happen, why so much pain?
Why so much suffering with nothing to gain.

Such a beautiful face, trying hard to be strong,
But her eyes say it all, memories play like a song,
With cries of the innocent, the sounds of the war,
She fought very hard, but couldn’t take any more.
The mask has now fallen, there’s nowhere to hide,
She cries for my help, I give it with pride.

My lovely young daughter, with so much to give,
Trying hard to be brave, trying hard just to live.
Time passes so slowly, but with it comes hope,
Small steps, one by one, along the wide slippery slope.

Such a beautiful face, no more hiding the pain,
Gone now forever, so much will she gain.
My love is so strong, it will carry you through,
The dark times, the sad times, the feelings so blue.

Let me help you, let me guide you, take my love once again,
Let me take all your burden, let me ease all your pain.
My lovely young daughter with so much to give,
Take my strength, take my courage, take my reason to live.

Genna D’Cruz