Nature in her wisdom

Nature in her wisdom

  makes way for another season;

                                               Summer acquiesces –

                                               makes us muse upon the reason.

                                               Now Autumn’s inspired paint-brush

                                               has burnished Summer’s trees,

                                               has stippled, veined and spotted

                                               and prettied up her leaves.

                                               Amber, scarlet, ochre leaves

                                               drift down as light as whispers,

                                               to kiss this mother earth of ours

                                               like hushed and soft-sung vespers.

                                                The light is muted, delicate –

                                                sky quilted grey and blue  –

                                                as Zephyr’s cheeks, extended, blow

                                               awry the multi-coloured carpet,

                                              oh so new.

Joy Lennick