Chocolate scones

CHOCOLATE SCONES…by Elizabeth Grace Lucas

Mama bunny bakes in the kitchen with baby bunny scraping the bowl,
Chocolate around baby’s mouth, smiling with glee,
Next to the loaves, Mama bunny did bake earlier today,
Holding the kettle, Mama is making a cup of tea.

The old butler sink in the corner, close to a water jug,
Pots and pans hang on the walls, one with a spoon on the range,
Cabbage in a basket under the table Mama bunny uses to roll
Her fresh scones, tasty with chocolate, not so strange.

A table and chair with a plant to decorate the colourful cloth,
Cups and saucers hang on the wall, ‘neath the plates on a shelf,
A country kitchen, bright and airy, back door that goes to the yard,
Mama and baby are having much fun laughing in their aprons, self.

Baby bunny stands on a stool, now she can reach the table-top,
Beneath are glass dishes to hold cakes or cheeses,
A bag of flour for bread baking and more cakes, more scones,
Or anything else, whatever Mama bunny pleases.