Peacock’s Heaven

PEACOCK’S HEAVEN… by Elizabeth Grace Lucas

Amidst the blue sky, patchy clouds
White, white as cotton wool balls,
Over-looking a wondrous scene,
Shrubs, plants and Conifer’s tall.

Grecian balustrades leading up steps,
A Peacock in glorious hue
Takes a stroll up these stairs,
For a better look at the view.

Mountains in the distance,
Hills along-side, flowing down
To the water’s edge,
A lake, in the distance a town.

Geraniums in a beautiful urn,
Colouring the patio ground,
An area so peaceful,
For there is hardly a sound.

No boats sail the lake,
Nor swimmers taking a dip,
The Peacock is in heaven,
From his head down to his tip.