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FROM THE ARCHIVES… 1950 Not long released from the dreary clutches of the war; ears no longer tuned into the air-raid siren or a suspect aeroplane – what bliss! And, as a carefree teenager, what joy it was to be … read more

Nature’s Pen

                                                          NATURE’S PEN ***                                                             Joy Lennick read more

Nature in her wisdom

Nature in her wisdom   makes way for another season;                                                Summer acquiesces –                                                makes us muse upon the reason.                                                Now Autumn’s inspired paint-brush                                                has burnished Summer’s trees,                                                has stippled, veined and spotted                                                and prettied … read more


SPRING From out her swaddling clothes of frost and icy mist, Spring breaks forth, eager to bestow – on mother earth – a loving kiss. Across the thawing acres, she waves her magic wand: her healing hand, and brings a … read more


AND NOW… by Joy Lennick An ethereal curtains rises, a feathered chorus orchestrates. Enter Spring – her grand debut – veiled by dew-dropped, cob-webbed lace. Crowned with gold forsythia, yellow trumpets show respect. Earth’s treasure-chest is opening, all creatures genuflect. … read more


ARBOREAL BRIDES by Joy Lennick A dozen arboreal snow maidens grace our concrete street: like virginal brides – some blushing – confetti at their feet. Shivering in the late Spring breeze, genuflecting in the icy breeze, they bravely bear Mother … read more


JEMIMA’S CHRISTMAS STOCKING by Eric Lennick Jemima Barton was a lady of seventy-six years and a spinster. She lived alone in a small, terraced house ever since her mother, Alice died. Jemima had many quaint habits, and one of these … read more


ODE to the FLATPACK (Apologies to Frank Sinatra) Janette Davies Flatpacks, I´ve built a few,But, then again, too few to mention.I’ve banged and screwed and cursed,And done ’em all without instructions.I’ve lived a life of fear,In case he ever says … read more

A Time to Live – Not To Die

A Time to Live – Not To Die The snow falls softly as it covers the ground,No people, no cars, not even a sound.As I sit here in darkness, thoughts drift to last year,To a time full of sadness, a … read more