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ARBOREAL BRIDES by Joy Lennick A dozen arboreal snow maidens grace our concrete street: like virginal brides – some blushing – confetti at their feet. Shivering in the late Spring breeze, genuflecting in the icy breeze, they bravely bear Mother … read more


MYSTERIOUS MOON by Joy Lennick With powers almost magical – mistress of the sea – you cast your spell on earthbound lovers and stir the blood of space-bound brothers. The heaven’s night Cyclopic eye (sent by the Gods on  us … read more


SANTA CLAUS OR WAS HE? by Joy Lennick A dead-ringer for Santa (“The job’s now been done…”) thought on a bit further… “Think I’ll have me some fun!” He ‘phoned Holly Berry: coquettish and pretty, and honed a short poem: … read more

Agony Aunt

Dear Ivy, I’m convent educated, and have lead a sheltered life, and at age 49, have just been proposed to for the first time. The lawyer’s clerk who handled my late parents Wills has asked me to marry him. I’m … read more


SARAH-JANE STEADMAN Bio   Sarah-Jane’s father said she was born with an enquiring nature; her mother said she was born just plain nosey. Her three sisters each bought a lock for their bedroom door. Sarah-Jane’s first word was “book” and … read more

Death at The Carters Arms

DEATH AT THE CARTERS ARMS by Janette Davies   “What’s goin’ on, Percy? Why’s Blackie’s not open? “Dunno, Tom. Polly’s not ‘ere either.” The two men stood in silence for a few moments and Percy scratched his head. “Might as … read more

Ravens’ Conspiracy

RAVENS’ CONSPIRACY by Ian Turney The frozen, midwinter night sky was alive with sparkling starlight but the magical sight was lost on Gallus and Ariette – his wife – in their desperate flight from the marauding North-men. Deathly screams and … read more

Baptism of Fire

BAPTISM OF FIRE by Ian Turney Where had the wide-eyed, apple scrumping choir boy of Witchford church gone? What happened to those cider summer days: lying in water meadows: chewing a grass stalk: dreaming into the blue haze, at one … read more

Cat Burgular

THE CAT BURGULAR by Maggie Hegarty The following incident occurred some years ago when my husband and I lived in England:  We returned from a wonderful holiday, and although we were looking forward to seeing our two cats, Harvey and … read more

Fun Corner

FUN CORNER In England recently, I went to a café and said to the young lady serving: ‘A Tutti cake, please…’ She said: ‘Is that with two t’s?’ ‘No,’ I replied – ‘just a coffee.’ * The last time I … read more