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Fifty Word Stories

FIFTY WORD STORIES. THE RED SHOES  Fancy a coffee? The chap had wood chips in his hair. Do I know you? Yes, well sort of. I see your red shoes going past every day. My workshop’s in the basement. I … read more

What Punctuation mark are you?

What Punctuation mark are you? What are you? A common comma, always hesitating or pausing for effect? A colon, the host: always ready to introduce someone or something… A semi-colon; anxious to change the subject and press on; impatient? Excitable? … read more

Twelve Word Stories

TWELVE WORD STORIES Heavy snow, car stalled, no phone…wrote book, best seller. Woke up! Janette Davies   Karen Albright here, a Stephen King character. The end’s coming. I’m terrified! Joy Lennick read more

Winter’s day

WINTER’S DAY Colourless and still; no breeze brings fragrant passengers our nostrils to seduce. No air-borne warming pad our heads and hearts to warm. No pastel blue to enhance our two orbs view – January And yet… without chill wind’s … read more


SUNSET Did you see who lit the match which set the sky on fire? Surely one who was intent on poets to inspire. Or has Turner’s mistress painted a scene to inspire wonder – a scene to tug at heart … read more


JANUARY! Yet, without chill wind’s searching fingers poking to the marrow, bleak, grey and rain-streaked days doing their best to harrow… how then could Spring’s delight be felt in all its bright enchantment – preparing, gently nudging us towards Summer’s … read more

A few words on punctuation.

A few words on punctuation. ‘Let’s eat Grandma!’ would not be appreciated by your grandmother, would it? (Although it could be said by a cannibal…) ‘Let’s eat, Grandma!’ is much better for her blood pressure. And look how the use … read more

Iain Aire

Iain Aire Iain Aire, born 1952 in London, lived in Scotland, New Zealand and currently resides in Spain. A career in forestry and environmental policy, and cultural myths from around the world shaped Iain’s writing. His soon to be published … read more