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Dear Ivy

My Jim has taken to using a lot of talcum powder lately (well that’s what he said it is) and I am a bit worried as I recall reading that using too much is not good for you. He’s been acting a bit strange too…Should I confide in my twin brother?  He’s a local bobby. 
      Margaret, Manchester

Dear Margaret

Yes, I’ve read that too! And NO, unless you don’t mind your own company.

Dear  Ivy

My partner and I can’t seem to agree on furnishings and décor.  First we had a flaming row about the curtains and we have just bought a new bed which he chose and I hate.  Can you suggest a strategy?

                                                                                                             Annie, Alicante

Dear Annie

Oh dear!  Just try pulling yourself together and sleeping on it!

Dear Ivy

My seventeen-year-old daughter wants to share her bedroom with our 39 year-old lodger and says that they’re ‘Just respectful friends.’ I trust her and am considering saying yes.  Am I being naïve?        

                                                                                                              Nina, Nantwich

Dear Nina

A resounding YES!

Joy Lennick                                                        

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