SANTA CLAUS OR WAS HE? by Joy Lennick A dead-ringer for Santa (“The job’s now been done…”) thought on a bit further… “Think I’ll have me some fun!” He ‘phoned Holly Berry: coquettish and pretty, and honed a short poem: … read more

Winter’s day

WINTER’S DAY Colourless and still; no breeze brings fragrant passengers our nostrils to seduce. No air-borne warming pad our heads and hearts to warm. No pastel blue to enhance our two orbs view – January And yet… without chill wind’s … read more


SUNSET Did you see who lit the match which set the sky on fire? Surely one who was intent on poets to inspire. Or has Turner’s mistress painted a scene to inspire wonder – a scene to tug at heart … read more


JANUARY! Yet, without chill wind’s searching fingers poking to the marrow, bleak, grey and rain-streaked days doing their best to harrow… how then could Spring’s delight be felt in all its bright enchantment – preparing, gently nudging us towards Summer’s … read more